The Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a SUV


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a SUV

Determine If a SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) Is Right For You?

Buying an SUV? Is the SUV right for you?  A lot of the people that buy SUV’s are driven to purchase simply because of wants, never needs.  Here is a great example of how people definitely over spend money on a SUV they do not need.  Before you start buying an SUV consider the following:

  • Can I afford it?
  • Do I really need 4WD?
  • How is the mpg going to affect my wallet?
  • Do I really need a SUV?


After you have analyzed the above questions plan to set a fixed budget.  This you must complete before buying your SUV.  With any vehicle never go over your budget, no matter what you want to purchase always stay within your budget.  It’s so easy to buy something you want and always go over and beyond your budget you set yourself.  Being that SUV’s start out high in price, it’s important you understand that it’s a high maintenance vehicle, especially when the gas mileage is very poor.  Don’t make the mistake and purchase an SUV when you spend at least 45 minutes in traffic, the gas is going to dry up your wallet. 

An ideal consumer that is perfect for an SUV would be:

  • Off Road– A person who enjoys the off road or is used to using the 4 wheel drive all the time.  Experience drivers who are outdoors friendly and are not afraid to get down and dirty.  This person is mechanically competent and is a real grease monkey.  They like the SUV because of their capabilities.   They are not afraid to get it dirty in any way.  This person usually has a lot of extra toys hanging around, such as boats, ATV’s and trailers.  The SUV would be ideal for the person who has multiple units. 


  • Huge Family– Having a huge family a SUV will be the suitable vehicle for the big family.  Usually this family is complied of 8 or less.  This family would need the room and cargo space the vehicle provides.  This would be their day to day vehicle all the time.  Big vehicles like the SUV’s are very popular among families.  Since families love the different configurations of the SUV, this is the ideal road trip vehicle a big family would need.  Suitable for any type of long or short time trip. 


The Advantages of Owning a SUV

The SUV’s are great for large families traveling on road trips.  Large amounts of room for passengers and extra room for cargo.  Being it’s a vehicle that is built for any kind of weather, its ideal for all types of seasons and road hazards.  Being it sit’s high on the road you have good control of the road around you.  Almost every type of SUV has the capability of 4 wheel drive option. 

The Disadvantage of Owning a SUV

The number one disadvantage of any SUV would be the poor point of gravity.  SUV’s have a very high point of gravity making them more capable of overturning in difficult driving situations.  The fuel mpg is very terrible being the SUV’s are made for traveling, the fuel is really bad.  This type of vehicle is always high repair and maintenance. 

The Average Rating

SUV’s have to be the consumer favorite vehicle to purchase.  Over all the SUV works a lot better for families across any vehicle.  SUV’s are also the strongest vehicles in case of involve in an accident.  This type of vehicle will always be the number one choice of families across the board.