What’s the difference between an SUV and an SAV?

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Going by their abbreviations, an SUV is a Sports Utility Vehicle, whereas an SAV is a Sports Activity Vehicle. An SUV is a large vehicle that can accommodate more number of people than the regular cars, and more comfortably. It can run in adverse conditions such as heavy rains and hilly areas. It is the general wish of every car user to own an SUV, not only for the alluring looks it possesses but also for the distinct convenience it gives offers while driving. Other than the difference that is noticed in the abbreviation, an SAV has nothing to boast of. Amid intense competition going on between giants in the auto industry, certain companies prefer to give new names to their vehicles to gain attention. For instance, BMW x3 and BMW x5 are termed SAVs by BMW. This is only to show some distinction to these vehicles from the SUVs. There is no distinctive features that separates the two.

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