Are there any minivans that look like SUVs?

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SUV stands for sport utility vehicle (SUV). It is a generic marketing term for a vehicle similar to a station wagon, but built on a light-truck chassis. There consist of plenty of mini vans looks like the sport utility vehicles. The best examples for the mini truck like SUV is Pontiac Montana SV6. The main features or the specifications for the mini truck like SUV is more likely to be having a nice Seating Arrangements capacity, can sit to about 7 to 8 persons basically. The comfort for the travelers is more important for this type of vehicles because it is mostly used in long journeys. Nest is the cargo space in it, there’s storage bins in the floor to hide away things like that spare bottle of washer liquid & booster cables. The wheel base is an extended limited edition version. On all models, there’s access panels on the left & right; the left hides a 12VDC power jack, & some models feature an air compressor. Interior trim is the next feature, interiors are well furnished in this type of vehicles. WE can move over front stool to the back basically, plenty of interior space in available in this type of models. The base engine is a brand spanking new design for GM vehicles. Various security measures are available like ABS braking technique, Air bags are available, & for the entertainment DVD technique is also available.
SUV looks is what sets it apart from so plenty of other minivans on the market today. It is comfortable, smooth, & economical with over power. Now a days a actual competition is going on the market in automotive industry to capture the eye of the customers. So be cautious in purchasing your minivan. Hope all understand the features of the Minivan’s that looks more like as SUV

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