How many miles can I expect of a decently maintained Toyota Sienna minivan before major problems?

Posted by favoritefamilycars on August 14, 2011 under General | Be the First to Comment

Typically the life of a vehicle depends on many different variables such as if it is driven highway or city, if it is regularly maintained, garaged or non-garaged, and varying driving styles from person to person. With that said, the Toyota Sienna Minivan has had its issues since its 1998 beginnings. To start there is a known problem with engine sludge that can cost you the engine, literally I read about a guy that started having problems within 3 months of purchasing a new Sienna and the motor was gone at 25,000 mi 2 years later ( in the comments first one). People have complained about poor design quality and oversight on Toyota engineering. There are Siennas on the road on the other hand that have lasted 350,000+ miles and are still going strong. I would say you should be able to expect 100-150,000 miles reasonably on a Sienna after that will most likely depend on maintenance, driving/weather conditions, and a bit of plain old luck.

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